An imprint
of the world
in South Tyrol

Discovering and confronting culture and occupation

as told by emerging talents

in the field of visual and narrative arts

Population in South Tyrol exceeds half a million.

Over two hundred thousands are active workers

and the 10% comes from all over the world.

Who are they? What’s their story and what are their dreams?

What’s their contribution to Alto Adige? 

An imprint of the world in South Tyrol takes these questions and transforms them into a collective dialogue between employees, employers, trade associations and experts in the field.

Seven emerging artists met more than sixty individuals and told their stories through the creative languages of photography, video and writing, thus offering a new reading of multiculturalism and the world of work.

Reference: Dossier statistico immigrazione IDOS 2021. 

65 Stories
7 Artists
1 Meeting place
31 Countries

The Artists

and their projects

Santiago Torresagasti


Chapter 1


Santiago Torresagasti's project consists of ten short films that can be considered as a glimpse into ten windows opened on a single day in the life of different individuals.

Samira Mosca

Lives between your hands

Chapter 2

Lives between your hands

With her photography, Samira Mosca witnesses various success stories in her work and social integration context through a personal approach focused on a deep knowledge of the subjects she relates with and their own stories.

Music brought me to Italy, and the oboe to Bolzano. It’s just like I followed its sound and its promise.

Setareh Heidari Khabbaz – Student 

We need to understand our past if we want to look at the future.

Julian Cuero Gonzales – Sound Engineer 

It might sound unusual, but masking tape is an undeniably essential object in the cultural mediator’s job.

Daria Akimenko – Cultural affairs manager

When my father brought me to a theatre for the first time, I immediately knew that it was the place I always meant to belong to.

Alejandra Deaza – Fashion Designer and Sewing Instructor

The only certainty I have is that wherever I may be, I’ll tell my story, culture and beauty.

Cecilia Zavala Cano – General Manager 

My family is my journey; my journey to Cuba, which I hope to come back to visit very soon.

Alejandrina Herrera Velma – Waitress at Restaurant, “I Piani” 

When I left, I was alone. I have always organized my own life; every place I have been to.

Birgitta Puustinen – Winery Owner

What many are going to try to shoot, is the target which I aim to own in my professional future.

Parmila Patwan – Social Worker 

Courage: I internalized this word.

Radwa – Social Worker 

No one can improve on their own. We always need to meet others; know them and try to understand them.

Costanta Cretu – Agency Manager 

When you hear the sound of this hammer on wood, the Mass is about to start.

Don Marius Gheorghe Visovan – Process Worker; Catholic Priest 


Davide Grotta e Veronica Tonidandel

In dialogue

Chapter 3

In dialogue

"In dialogue" brings together the viewpoints and perspectives of representatives of trade associations, professors and professionals working on the inclusion and integration of people with a migratory background in South Tyrol.

Valentina Gentili

A chat at the bar

Chapter 4

A chat at the bar

Valentina’s personal research work is based on two pivotal questions. Firstly, “How do I interact with a person I do not know?” Secondly, “What could be a common ground between myself and this person?” Valentina develops these questions using her relational skills and techniques she earned in her former jobs as photographer and bartender; welcoming her guest with a cocktail of her own invention.

Every day we need to lay the foundations for our future.

Erion Maloku – Restaurant Manager 

Take control of your life; don’t let others do it.

Mesmaide Rodriguez – Store Manager 

If I think of Alto Adige, the first thing that comes into my mind is tourists; they just have me die laughing, they are so hilarious!

Juan Pablo Acero – Social Worker and Photographer 

I’m constantly on the lookout for something new.

Lyudmyla Solomon – Janitorial Engineer, Sales Representative and Member of “Consulta Immigrati” 

I learned how to cook South Tirol food. I tell its history through my dishes.

Roman Rodriguez Gonzales – Cook 

When I give a concert it is like the audience becomes the instrument to express my feelings.

Jona Fanney Svavarsdottir – Opera Vocalist and Music Instructor 

I’ve been working so hard to make my dream come true; to become a freelance professional.

Brunilda Hysaj – Mechanical Engineer 

To grow people just like me, who come from foreign countries; this is one of my targets.

Noman Muhammad – Banqueting Manager

I strive to have faith in everything I do; keeping it going, despite the difficulties.

Mame Balla FallMetalworker

Moving to Italy has changed my perception of how I view things.

Masoud Valizadeh – ICT Systems Engineer 

My challenge is to ease the process of communication and comprehension for everyone.

Anuka Hossain – Health Worker, Cultural Linguistic, Mediator and Chairman of “Consulta Immigrati” 


Manuel Montesano


Chapter 5


“Hamkâri, in Persian, means collaboration. If we all—everyone in the world—work together, we’ll create a beautiful world”, says Mahdi Heydari during an interview. And it exactly that: work is one of the main reasons for emigration, adds Gabriel Maria Sala, anthropologist, and psychologist. These are some of the ideas collected by the author as he listens to the stories of 11 people, discovering what they left behind in their land of origin, what they found in their land of arrival, and the meaning that they now attach to the concept of Heimat.

To fight for myself and for those who strive to emerge, this is the footprint I aim to leave.

Albana Loka – Psychologist and Psychotherapist 

To where do I belong? I belong to the environment that surrounds me.

Zoran Aleksov – Social Worker 

For me music is breath, it is to feel; it’s emotion, it’s freedom.

Edlir Cano – Orchestral Professor  

I learned what I'm worth when I realized I felt like a bridge that connects the Italian culture with the Moroccan culture.

Abdallah Chniouli – City Counselor 

Morocco, Italy
Everyone carries their own history, culture and ancient traditions; this is our treasure trove which enlivens our country.

Gabriel Maria Sala – Psychologist and Anthropologist

Peruvian folks have a solid foundation. They work, love and respect each other.

Paola Carbajal – Nurse, Founder of a Social, Religious and Cultural Community committed to charity 

My mother is a great cook; she taught me her wonderful dishes.

Juan Carlos Rojas – Restaurant Owner 

I’ve always felt very welcomed everywhere I’ve been, yet with the awareness of being a stranger in foreign land.

Daniela Rodriguez Campedello – Cultural Manager 


I don’t care about becoming famous, I just need to look people straight in the eye; there, I’ll know if my poetry has reached their hearts.

Mugdin Cehaic – Poet and Painter 

What matters to me is to find people who know how to listen.

Mahdi Heydari – Carpenter 

First of all I’m a human being; that’s my message for everyone.

Wendy Joseth Merlo Beltran – Cultural Linguistic Mediator 


Asia De Lorenzi

Stories of a certain scale

Chapter 6

Stories of a certain scale

"Stories of a certain scale" was born out of a desire to learn more about the local realities involved in catering - from kiosks and bistros to restaurants and pizzerias. Food brings people together from different backgrounds, through traditional or experimental ingredients and preparations.

When I work, I don’t care about my client’s money, I just want to see their smiles.

Mohammed Hussien – Cook 

You need to adapt to the place you live, otherwise you’re just in transit; a guest who’s doomed to leave no trace. I feel good here, I feel home.

Slavica Sosic – Bakery Manager

You can climb up high, but do not ever forget from where you started from. That’s what my parents used to tell me.

Luca Wang – Restaurant Manager 

China, Italy
My passion is to cook; it has always been like that, since from when I was in Gambia.

Buba Suwareh – Cook 

One of my goals is to help make feel home, those who are far away from the place they grew up in.

Santos Josè Paico Paredes – Restaurant Manager 

I care a lot about family collaboration. It’s important to work together to pursue common goals.

Drini Qordja – Kiosk Manager

When I first came here, I was eight years old, now I feel I'm a true Meranese.

Xiaojun Jin – Restaurant Manager 

Money doesn't matter. Only virtues and sentiments will save you.

Ahmad Hajar Margei – Pizzeria Kebab Manager 

When you feel comfortable with somebody; when you love somebody, you find the motivation to change.

Yuliet Alvarez – Bartender

Just do what you can. You can be a great cook if you work hard.

Abdul Karim – Restaurant Manager

One day in Walther Square, there was a festival with popular music. I felt moved and realized this is my ground.

Bhatti Raees Ul Hassan – Pizza Maker 


Everyone has the right 

to work, to free choice

of employment,

to just and favourable

conditions of work

and to protection against


Article 23

Universal Declaration

of Human Rights