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Davide Grotta e Veronica Tonidandel

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Interview by
Veronica Tonidandel
Video by
Davide Grotta
Davide Grotta is an independent documentary filmmaker and photographer. With a degree in Marine Archaeology, he began filming and photographing during excavation campaigns in the Mediterranean. He spent three years living in Cambodia where he worked as a photojournalist. In 2016 he shot his first documentary "Hidden Photos" which won several awards and was screened extensively at international film festivals, art museums and universities. Currently working in the film industry as an assistant director, he writes and directs his own creative projects. Veronica Tonidandel, a graduate in communication sciences and culture, works at the Volontarius Group, where she is able to deepen her knowledge of the issues she is most passionate about, such as art, sustainability, human rights and multiculturalism. In the communication office, she works with a team of artists and creatives on projects aimed at raising awareness and promoting solidarity and the rights of every individual.
In dialogue
"In dialogue" brings together the viewpoints and perspectives of representatives of trade associations, professors and professionals working on the inclusion and integration of people with a migratory background in South Tyrol. The videos are intended as an invitation for reflection and a message of encouragement for younger generations and the workers of tomorrow, as well as an invitation for everyone to work together for the inclusion of others in the workplace and in daily life. Ultimately, "In dialogue" wants to encourage the development of a more inclusive reality, attentive to the needs of the community and each individual.
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